Graminea Tifway 419 Bermuda

Gramigna Tifway 419 Bermuda is the herb that performs well in a variety of climates in full sun. Its tolerance, short cuts and resistance to diseases make it virtually indestructible, has an intense green color and medium-fine leaves. Recommended area: full sun

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Seeding for ornamental grass

The sows to perennial ryegrass lawn TOP QUALITY is the most aggressive professional regeneration mixture of speed of growth and settlement, tested by the best gardeners. It can easily recognize for its wonderful bright green color and its very fine leaf texture. Germina with relatively low temperatures (microthermic)

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First choice rolls of lawn

The rolled lawn is a collection of grass and natural earth clods, whose peculiarity is to create green areas (a garden, a flower arrangement, scenographic decorations for weddings and other events) that require a practical and immediate preparation. Available 12 months a year, it allows you to create a green area of ​​immediate effect in just a few hours. Private gardens, fairs, stands, weddings, private parties. Daily measurements in favorable climatic conditions.

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